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I really have to appreciate silent story telling. Everything in this piece worked so well: the animation combined with puppets, the weird and very expressive Ed Edd n Eddy main characters, the fantastical setting with inhabited by very bizarre yet recognizable animals and beings, and last, but not least, the amazing and very threatening antagonist.
The music and sound design lends itself very well to the silent story telling, conveying the exact emotions in moment. Nothing is wasted in here. I only have one minor gripe, in that I think some scenes go on for too long, but I think it's just me.
Instant and very creative classic. Very good job, sir.

this felt like 10 minutes lol. This would pass for a good adult humor cartoon like ren and stimpy, i love it

A truly masterpiece, the ammount of metaphorical value here is incredible, the music how it matches with the animation 22 minutes of pure art, can't explain with words how amazed I'm with this. Great work, looks like it took a lot of time to make and create something like this, not only the production but the story holds up a philosophical point of view towards how these two women see the world they live in.

So much going on here and I love ALL OF IT