Reviews for "Doxed"

I can't get inbetween the gap of one fish up high and the two on the bottom, the float jump doesn't really work to your advantage at that point and I keep scraping that top guy. I can tell there was effort put into making this game, the sprites are well done, it moves smooth but I think the difficulty needs more niche into it. Maybe make the hitboxes smaller? I don't know. This game was alright though.

HakunaM responds:

It works better if you press space right after the character start to fall, so you would have to keep space pressed to jump up until you reach the height you want, then release and quickly press again to start falling as slow as possible. But maybe it's not so easy to get used to how it works, which could be a problem, so I will probably make some adjustments to how that works, and/or how close some enemies are placed. I have completed the stage a couple times though, so it is at least possible to reach the goal as it is right now.

And thank you for your feedback, it has been useful. :)

I don't know what this community is, but I wanna know what it's about PRONTO, this game was alotta fun! And I wanna know what it's about and what it's for. Thank you for the entertainment!

HakunaM responds:

The game was made just to learn a bit of Unity and how to make games. The community is not about games tho, but the main characters (bonbibonkers) and "enemies" comes from people who were part of this Discord community, and some details of the game are about things that happened on the last months there.

That Discord is about the main character (she is a cosplayer), and you can find her there, but the other characters are not in the server anymore, but they were very well know there. Also some of the people who made the fanarts of the loading screen are there.

If you are interested to join to that Discord server, the link is https://discord.gg/j7nbUdb (the same one that appear on the credits button of the game)

Does this game have an end?

HakunaM responds:

Yes! It is just 1 stage. It was my "learn how to make a game" project, so it's not too much. :c

no mames que dificil

HakunaM responds:

No me parecía tan difícil mientras lo testeaba, quizas me acostumbre mucho a jugarlo y se me pudo haber pasado la mano un poco (?). xD

De todas formas es solo 1 etapa, asi que no quería hacerlo tan fácil.

Gracias por el feedback!! :)

Not very easy to get through... also, those assassins come out of nowhere.

HakunaM responds:

Those assassins come from trees with "arms" ( so you have to keep an eye on those trees), and yeah, maybe it is a little bit too hard u.u . Since it is just 1 stage, i wanted it to not be so easy.

Anyways, I appreciate your feedback. It is the first game i have ever made, so i'll keep this in mind if i ever do another one. :)