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Reviews for "Hell Runner Part 3"

This might be the game of the year 2019 . But hey who knows

gosh this game keeps getting cooler and cooler (not the temp btw)
Love your games!!!

Oh it's great to be back in hell again! Wow, there's a sentence I never thought I'd type.

This is another cracking entry into the Hell Runner series, the humour is still spot on, the main quest and the side quests are all great fun and there truly are some really satisfying moments in this one that I won't mention for fear of spoilers (so watch my YT playthrough at your own peril!).

The set-up for a potential 4th part of Hell Runner at the end is very tantalising too, but it also works wonderfully as a stand-alone "let's end it here" joke too if that is the case. Anywho, if you enjoyed parts 1 and 2 then playing this should be a no-brainer! Get stuck in!


RunningZombie responds:

Thanks Mikey! Your playthroughs are always fun to watch.

Whew, that was one drug trip of a game.

Excellent world building and character design. I wish the artwork were more polished and less childish. Great music. The dialogues are smooth but should be shorter and more straight forward. Some battle simulation like Sonny would be great. There should also be multiple quests, where you do not need to complete all the quests to move forward. This is so that players do not get stuck. The level of difficulty is perfect and the decisions in the game are not non-sensical like many other puzzle games. Overall, an excellent job.