Reviews for "Kill Baby Hitler"

Interesting visual style and art, the creator could add some more secrets to spice up the game part of it, and the creator could create sequels based on assassinating other people in history with different twists. Overall, I loved it but, I know its a visual novel but just add some more interesting parts to the game like more secrets or endings. Oh, also add a skip button to the intro after someone has completed the game once, just so we don't have to click so much when finding other endings.

I'm unsure of what else I can do. I can only get two of the endings. Either way, it's a neat concept

If an evil man dies, another will take his place.

Hitler his father would beat him like a dog ever since he was a little child. Maybe it is better to abduct little baby Dolfy and then raise him in a proper home.

Lets blame one man for Humanity's stupidity. We are all brainwashed to view this man as the worst man in the world. Before Hitlers body guard died he said the media lied about Hitler non-stop. I'm with Israel but I don't know if we know the truth about Hitler. Also Jewish researchers said that Hitler escaped to Argentina and that the American government lied to us about Hitler. Saying he did when he didn't. So who is the real bad guys? Maybe the Americano Government.