Reviews for "SIMGIRLS VN2 - The Hentai Ending"

Yes! Tomoko Saeki is the hottest hentai babe of all time!
はい! 佐伯は史上最もホットな変態の可愛い人です!
OMG she is so beautiful and so sexy. I signed up an account just to leave this comment for this game. This is a great visual novel erotic, hentai you name it. The story is freaking awesome. Excellent graphics if you like manga style. I love the music too so good! Keep it up the Hentai Master! You are my HERO!

sim-man responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Make my day.

Ok I spent the weekend going through the latest game Simgirls Vn The hentai ending. In short, I want to say: give me more! Here's a review.


This is said to be a visual novel and the story is picking up from the bad ending of the last game. You're still playing as Tomoko, but now the time is two months later, which is in November. You no longer need to worry about level ups this time and you just need to follow the reminder app on your phone to see almost all scenes (except one bonus that I'll talk about later), so gameplay is mostly irrelevant here.

Now the story! You've seen most if not all of the elements before, sci-fi DNA modification and time travelling, checked; a crazy villain who wants to destroy humanity, checked; nasty catfights, checked; love affairs and school dramas, checked; porn sex, checked. I've seen everything before, but somehow SimMan managed to pull them together in one short story nicely. When it comes to time travel some plot holes are almost inevitable, but at least when I went through the game I didn't find anything alarmingly non-sense or logic defying. Great job!

Now the sex scenes! SimMan used a lot more close ups of sex organs comparing to his previous works, both male and female! This is NOT a complain. Trust me. The scenes are hot, sexy, naughty and they are detailed. At the end my only complain is: I want more!

I won't talk much about all the old characters. It's like talking to good old friends to me. I am happy that SimMan gave more time to the supporting cast like Mako, her brother, and Junta's friends. In some way this game almost feels like season two of a TV series. I also found the two new characters Rinta and Sumiko very interesting and would love to see more of their stories.

Bonus scene: there is only one as far as I know. See My Goals app for details. Basically you just need to score the highest bond level with Junta before the last scene, which is on the 21st, Tomoko's birthday, not the end of month. It's pretty easy if you take advantage of the free points rewarded when you chose the "correct" answers in many scenes.

All in all I find this highly entertaining. It's a fun ride. I am not sure if SimMan is planning to explore this series ever again, but I would definitely love to see Simgirls Vn episode three!

sim-man responds:

Thank you so much for the long review. I will keep your request in mind :)

Suddenly simgirls crossed my mind and I came to look at the newgrounds and found more material about Tomoko, good thing.

sim-man responds:

You feel the Calling haha

Thanks for this, finally I can just sit back & relax, don't have to worry about anything. I am still maximising the stats.
By the way, would look forward to Gold 8.0 as well. I hope to see it sometime in future.

sim-man responds:

If you do have the highest bond level with Junta there will be a small bonus at the end. Will focus on Rosebery for a while.