Reviews for "SIMGIRLS VN2 - The Hentai Ending"

Love this game. Brings me back to your old roots.

sim-man responds:

Thanks bud

Uh, how do you go to school? Got stuck on the first task, I feel like I don't understand how to play the game.

sim-man responds:

get to the classroom

heard from friends,oh God,nearly 15 years since I was a child.It's been a long time and I miss it very much,memory flood into my mind when I first played this game.I don't know how to say,but you do have creative talent,simgirl,from a small project to a complete and mature project,grew with me and other players,thanks guy,I like you and your masterpiece.For this game,I prefer a complete game to many independent games,so hope this two VN can be one.
——Btw,is there a update for simgirls 7.0?7.1 or 7.2.you can add new leading role like this VN,let tomoko be the leading character,or junta.
my friends and I all think SG 7.0 need some improvement,there are some need to be enriched,like sex at dating place,more option at shopping mall and slum ,plaza.

sim-man responds:

Cool will keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks!

it's been a long ride... to think this is one of the works i have the most memories of from newgrounds... it gets to the point that i'm honestly afraid of playing it through to the end.
faithful to the original one, huh? and i mean both the original sim and the work that inspired it. it fills me with a weird nostalgia i didn't think i'd feel for ero content of all things.
you've come a long way sim-man... i guess it's time i'd grow a bit myself, spare some money from my job, and buy one of your commercially intended releases.

sim-man responds:

YES! Make my day haha

17 years. I waited 17 years for this.
(17 years huh.. were you making sure everyone was over 18 before releasing this?)

sim-man responds:

Yes. At the same time finding new blood lol