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Reviews for "STARBARIANS - Episode 3"

Can't wait for the next ep mate

Would love to see a real lineup of 10 episodes!

few things to say my man...

1. make more.
2. it looks profecional for the "untraind eye.
3. make more.
4. amazing story so far.
5. make more. <3

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is easily the best animated series that's been on here. The series deserves its own show on Netflix Hulu or some other media.

I remember seeing this way back when the first one came out, I was an instant fan. It was in a league of its own, the animations and attention to detail were more than just a cut above the rest and the voice acting was top notch. I was blown away. Episode 1.5 and 2 were fantastic as well and the talent you guys have is amazing. Life happened while I was waiting for episode 3, and next thing I know I stopped logging in and 4 years go by. In the meantime, every so often, I was reminded of these and I've shown my friends while raving about how good this content is, and how it should be on TV. Nobody has ever had a bad thing to say. I've seen many authors who've had great stuff just let it go after so long. I'm so happy you didn't. It's unique, funny, and has a lot of imagination, making this series all its own. When I finally decided to log back in after so long I literally jumped out of my couch when I saw episode 3 was out. I missed the April fool's gag, but you would have got me on it, it was hilarious, and not just a doodle and some music like other April fool's jokes I've seen. There are a lot of good authors on here and they make great stuff that I absolutely love, but I've been the most impressed by this series. I've seen some authors let their series go, even with the potential they had, but you hung onto this, and I can tell it's a labor of love. Don't ever let it go. I stand by what I said those years ago. This should be a show on adult swim right alongside robot chicken and the rest. There are teams of pros who already have shows on TV that can't touch what you have here. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Keep up the fantastic work. You have something special.