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Reviews for "STARBARIANS - Episode 3"

Excellent as usual. Nothing more to say on that. Don't let them pressure you. Take your time with the next one. Quality over quantity.

this is awesome! love the story, animation and the color

GREAT TOON!!! (also starbarians cinematic universe confirmed?)

Finally it's here and it didn't disappoint!

While I will say that this was incredibly well done and that I have always loved Harry and his work, the long wait wasn't really worth the payoff for this episode. Nothing much happens except for the main characters arguing and setting up for the next episode. While I do very much look forward to the next episodes and I understand animation does take a LOT of time, I feel like this should've maybe had more to it?

Otherwise the animation is fantastic and regardless of my opinions stated above I'm happy to see something from this animator again! To be perfectly honest I had given up hope that this would get more episodes and I'm pleasantly surprised to have seen this.