Reviews for "‘Krampus: Home for the Holidays’ - Short Christmas Horror Animation"

An interesting concept, but pretty disappointing.
The idea of the girl travelling home for the holidays is interesting and adds to the atmosphere, but it's never explained what she did exactly. Something could have been hinted at somehow.
the build-up was slow and the jumpscare was very silly. The sound effect was totally cliche and out of place, and Krampus looked more like a homeless Santa. I thought he would come in through the door, because the ice came from there. It was not very logical or intuitive. The lights were a neat idea though, even if slightly cliched. The coal was also a cool way to end it.
About the character's eyes in the dream, they don't really work with all emotions. I think you should have kept her purple eyes until the end, and then switched them out to show fear.
You should keep it up with the interesting ideas, but take more care with your endings. Try being more consistent with the anatomy as well, it looks awkward sometimes.

TraineeArtist responds:

Thanks very much for your feedback, I've learnt a lot about story / horror writing since I started this animation a while ago, and story-wise there was a lot more I wanted to include but wasn't able to due to time constraints (working on this as a spare time project while as a full-time student), but you're right about the improvements I could have made - especially in terms of the jumpscare and some of the designs.
Thanks again for your comment, and I'll look to improve in these areas in future projects.