Reviews for "‘Krampus: Home for the Holidays’ - Short Christmas Horror Animation"

if i was her i would punch krampus in the face

TraineeArtist responds:

Haha, worth a try

Main character reminds me a bit of Winry from Full Metal Alchemist... sitting on a train too. It all looked really familiar in the beginning, but of course the setting soon really shifts to something else! This is what happens when you're not good huh... nice twist on the classic tale, and I like the idea, even if jump scares don't really scare as much as the brooding. Merry Christmas?


TraineeArtist responds:

Haha that was totally unintentional, but I love FMA so I'm fine with that! But thank you, I'm glad you liked it, and a Merry Christmas (?) to you too!

Well done!
Graphics may be dated, but its still a good watch regardless.

TraineeArtist responds:

Yeah, definitely an area I'll have to look into improving in the future.
Thanks, and have a great Christmas!

Good job. I liked it. I would try to get a better microphone or fix the voices somehow next time, because the only dialogue that appeared was really muffled and low quality, making it hard to understand. Fortunately, it wasn't necessary, you could get it from context and it wasn't relevant. But I'd keep an eye on this issue for the next time.

There were some times during the close-ups to the girl, especially while she was sitting by the table, that the drawing of her chest seemed weird, different from the rest, like very... squarey. I'd also tell you to perhaps do something a little bit more detailed when Krampus finally appears. Or perhaps a little more fluidity or a little less roughness in animation in general.

I know I've been only pointing out the negative stuff, but I really liked what you did here. You set the atmosphere perfectly, I really like your drawing style (those eyes are rather original!), the snapping out of the dream and the twist with the coal rock was very well done. I believe you have a knack for storytelling and timing.

Keep it up, dude!

TraineeArtist responds:

Thanks very much for your feedback; I really appreciate your comment on the style and the storytelling as I hope to create horror comics in the future, so I'm glad you liked them! I do agree with your criticisms though - the audio definitely could have been better, some of the posing was off in places, and the animation was a bit choppy (specifically where Krampus appears), so I will do my best to improve all of these aspects in the future.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Nice job =) Animation looks great. The style and the story is amazing as well =)

TraineeArtist responds:

Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!