Reviews for "A Very Clock Christmas"


How is it that you manage to crank out so many quality movies so quickly? Don't you go to school, or work or something? lol! Keep up the good work!

LeekClock responds:

Hehe thanks... I wish i did have time to sit and make flash all day.. i love it..

But what actually happens is i start loads of movies - get bored - then go back to them later, and i just finished a load of em :D



A clock movie that made me crack a smile. >;o>
Nothjing personal, but normally the clock movie voices annoy the piss outta me, but this was funny and well done. Great job. Look forward to more from ya in the future.

that was great

you should make allot more movies =D


a merry clockmes to you to!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it was okay...

I only rated this high because the animation quality is pretty good. I'm still not really interested in the Clock_Crew but this was better than any of Strawberry's movies. Better than "Blam Another Day" at least.