Reviews for "A Very Clock Christmas"


yesh awesomeness!!! i was also a reindeer in it so i liked it even moer!! 1337!! and that doctor fucker that said he liked it but voted zero can go fuck himself!! he doesnt deserve to be on ng at all...

How festive! :)

This had some really nice elements in it.
The introduction was the strongest part with the blurred sleigh going by and the snow fall in the beginning sequence.

Nice work.

Needs a replay button even though you can right clock for the same effect. :)

LeekClock responds:

Hehe, thanks. There is a replay button, by the way, you have to wait to the VERY end, after the tune's over.


hmmm ok well one of the better clock movies, hmmmmmm, like the animation and graphics, song was cool also, i like the new system it really has shut down on the more crpier clock movie, ohwell good job, wow i gave a good review to a clock hahah...

Jingle Bell Rock to ya too!

By the way what's with the B presents? And I think you can cut out to make a "how da bitch stole x-mas 3"


a merry clockmes to you to!!!!!!!!!!