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Reviews for "Star Husky"

I really think this has great potential as a mobile app, admittedly less so for desktops. The noises for getting the stars are very satisfying, and the thud of the husky hitting the snow is pretty funny. I think the game could really benefit from some simple music with a wintry theme, if you wanted to expand upon the idea.

I did run across a glitch where when I opened the credits with C I was unable to actually get back to the game, as the tutorial phone came back up and wouldn't go away - something to look into-, but otherwise great for what it is, I think there's a lot of potential here if you want to expand upon it. If you did wish to keep working on this for PC, may I suggest some keyboard controls? My wrist doesn't like the constant back and forth motions. I look forward to any future developments for this project.

Jhomas responds:

Thank you for the review and suggestions!

I completely agree with your comments, so I added some wintery music from the audio portal & fixed the bug you found as well.

got a bug when the phone appears , i hit the green button and nothing happens so i cant play.

Jhomas responds:

Oh crap! I havn't seen that happen before :(

If you have time could you PM me the answer to these two questions?
1) Which web browser are you using?
2) Was this on a repeat play or your first try?

Thank you, and sorry for you running into a bug!

Enjoyable mini game, not too in depth of course but fun enough to waste 5 minutes on. Btw, thank you for mobile support.

Fun time waster, but hit a bug where after getting a high score of 61 I couldn't get a score over 14 even though I was going past 100.

Jhomas responds:

Sorry about that bug :(

Thank you for playing and reviewing though!

The look and feel for this game were so imitative of "Orisinal: Morning Sunshine" by Ferry Halim, that it is offensive. This goes a step beyond "influenced by." If anyone googles "Orisinal: Morning Sunshine" you can see what I mean. Look at: "Starry Night," "Pocketful of Stars," "The Amazing Dare-Dozen," and "Wings over water," as examples. There's nothing so overt that it can be called "stolen," but seriously nothing original. The cute small animal, the way the stars look, the soft tone of the music, the pace of the gameplay, the intentionally peaceful tone, the similar color palette, any of theses things alone wouldn't look so bad. Together they look like a knockoff. Sorry. You get one star because your game functions very well. That took skill to write.