Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.100)"

Love this game and can't wait for it to be done.... and to see if Vanilla and Faye will end up getting pleased...

A few notes on things for the development that I caught:
1. When upgrading a Level 2 water, the price shows $100 not $1000

2. Save function doesn't work (I tried and lost half the game's progress)

3. Sometimes, magic that cost 90 mana (for example) won't work when you only have 100 mana

4. I got to the Mia/Nia fight, and the skip didn't advance the dialogue, but reset the scene (so the dialogue couldn't be skipped) I ended up in a fight with Echo of Mia, and the run button was missing...

5. Typo: In the new bit, Dianne says "A strange posted appeared" in stead of "poster"

Added bonuses that would be cool to see:
1. As mentioned, Vanilla and Faye sex scenes (I kinda get annoyed that Faye is watching and never even asks....)

2. Sticker interactions (Since some of the characters are in stickers, I wonder how they would react if you showed them your collection... maybe they would sign it? And Faye would freak out at the nude of hers?)

3. Echo sex animation. (might be trivial, but since you animated certain character's sex scene, using the echo skin on the animation would be nice)

4. Difficulty Generator (I noticed getting all the magic upgrades before fighting Ivy makes the game rather easy, since the strength goes up and the spooky coins earned gets you reasonable upgrades to support the magic.So to make the game with varying dificulties, you can keep what you have as "Easy" mode, then add a lock on the upgrades of magic by how far you advance with each girl for "Medium" mode (aka free Pheobe unlocks Lvl 2 Lighting, then doing the ketchup quest unlocks Lvl 3 and finally boost her via using her to unlock the Grass magic, then repeat) and for "Expert" mode, you can lock the guardian battle for after you get each girl fully upgraded. As a bonus, each level can add one layer of nudity (such as Easy mode has Phoebe keep her shirt on, Medium mode has her in a bra and Expert mode has the nipples we have now, with a toggle to get the lower modes if wanted)

5. 10x Spook bucks (I tend to collect 20-50 spook bucks before I redeem them... It would be cool if you could redeem 10 at once to save a bit of time and clicking)

6. Counter in Stats? (I'm trying to figure this one out, but given that I am often working on summoning Pheobe and Ivy while at the point of giving the note for Carmen, I thought it would be nice if there was a quick way to find out how many more times you need to summon/defeat echos. I was thinking that, when going to the Stats Menu, an extra counter could be added to the Magical Stats to help keep track so you don't need to go back all the time.)

7. Sewing Kit for Mana (Won't lie, some enemies take a lot of mana out of ya (like Misty) so a mana refill like the Sewing Kit would be great

Again, I was at Carmen's Safari goal when I went to bed, so I'm sorry for not finishing it, but it did take a long while to level up to get a good Safari score... I do look forward to your next instalment though.

Can't save after finding Umi....I assume it's a bug?

Man, I cannot wait to put aside a little time to play through this! Amazing art, entertaining characters, and most importantly, doesn't take itself too seriously.
5 Mr. Mimes out of 5.

does enyone know when a new version of this game will come out

Been Fun