Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.100)"

Great game

i don't understand why the 2 sticker machines are working strange. the common sticker machine takes all my spooky coin in one click only and say that i spent all my spooky coin to get extra stickers, but when i go on the shiny machine, even if i have 69 extra stickers and a lot more than 1000 money, i cant use it.
What's going wrong? It's a bug or i did something wrong?

An echo of shiny Umbreon showed up and just glitched back and forth, I had to refresh and lose some progress. Otherwise fun so far.

Really are getting there. Sadly I don't have the economy to sign up fpr your patron, but I would'nt mind buying the game when it releases! :D

Great game. One problem that I've noticed is that the "save" button doesn't work for me, so I have to keep a tab with the game open. Also, how does one obtain the passwords to use for password saves?