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Reviews for "Comic Con"

you guys are party legends ! its really awesome you made it on the panel at least !

You may no. Draw very well but you paint a vivid picture with that mouth of yours. Lol must be because you guys are super gay together lol 😂

This is a rather funny cartoon. The best part is how it's something that doesn't happen to the laymen. I mean, we can't say we've been part of a panel. We at least know what it's like to be at cons. It's great to see what you look like. It's great that you are getting some recognition.

Well, the only part I really remember was about the puke. That's sad. It could have happened anywhere. I love how you make fun of yourself. Yeah, these drawings could be better, but they're still really funny.

The darker side of Comic Con revealed! Good fun, but not all as good fun as the normal one. That puke segment... hard to make that bit as satirically entertaining as the rest of it. Hope y'all get a sequel to this some day with a bit less of that, more talk and encounters, and an equal amount of party!