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Reviews for "Jessika's Curse August Update"

Looks awesome ! (Looks like you've been reading some "mind break")

Will there be a mode where my character just gives up on leveling and decides to slut it out in the forest permanently?

mintymiyazaki responds:

lol, don't limit yourself to JUST the forest. You can slut it out just about anywhere.

Have version for linux?

mintymiyazaki responds:

Can, just have to test it.

Looks fucking wicked! Super excited for the release, reminds me of half Final Fantasy 9 and half Hellknight Ingrid, exceptional work, keep it up!

mintymiyazaki responds:

Supposedly mix between a Darkest Dungeon a traditional turn based JRPG.

This looks really nice, I'm really curious about how it will feel to play it. (will there be any futa?)

mintymiyazaki responds:

I'm not sure. Lord-Arioch is the creator of the project but it does have "curse" in the title. Also I wouldn't object to the idea since Venus Noire also created an NTR game called Seeds of Chaos

According to Sommelier... yes, there is are futa characters.

Dudes, I love your art :) Good luck with the beta!
Stay funky,

mintymiyazaki responds:

Sommelier is happy you said that. He's the one dying from heat as mentioned... however at the moment he's in threat of drowning due to floods.