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Reviews for "Jessika's Curse August Update"

Looks like a very high quality game which I could invest some time in. I'd actually enjoyed seeing more of a brawler/beatem-up type game in this fashion, but an Battle-RPG is just fine. Graphics look very top notch even rivaling actual games that are not rating by an indie standard and it looks like the skills and abilities have some depth and unlocks to them. The names look fairly uninspired and honestly "meme-y" but as long the game doesn't take itself to seriously I think it is quite fine. The W is too far apart from the "yldwoods" in the font, but that should be easily fixable. Sound effects and musical scores are quite nice, give a sense of thrill and intensity but not that it is highly recognizable. I wonder if I would be humming some of the tunes, I think I wouldn't. I'm so happy it has a speed-up mode, as every turn-based game should have this...its quite amazing but hopefully it isn't too grindy so you have to use it all the time.

I guess we should help the staff from dying in the heat?

mintymiyazaki responds:

Well that staff member dying from heat is being flooded at the moment.
The future videos will improve. I've only set up the new audio equipment and composed this video today and it's about 5 days late. I'll need to set them up properly later and reinstall the software. Cheers though.