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Reviews for "Quickie: Satomi 2 (Public)"

This was sooo boring

Oppai Games and Patreon specials in a public version. nothing more to say. the game itself is not in my personal taste anyway. but i dont like their premium features.

I really liked this game Satomi was pretty much what i imagine my dream girl to be. The artwork was nice. and so was the animation at some points one of the things i appreciated was something you don't see often in light novels and that's idle animations on characters so well done on that part. The voice acting was also very nice he moaning was very cute and erotic I appreciate that you didn't use the same stock moaning that a lot of other erotic games do. My only gripes is that there weren't many options, it felt short and sometimes the animation felt static but overall great game. 4.5 out 5.

Thought this was premium just like the first one, but eh it works.

Loving your games