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Reviews for "Quickie: Satomi 2 (Public)"

Satomi's back! Hooray! And this game level, including visuals, is back to the great level again!

amazing job, just amazing.

Very nice visual novel, good flow and decent graphics. The story line had nothing really wrong with it and it it all flowed nicely.
Only comments I can make would be for more interaction from the reader to make them feel more included. Also allowing us to interact with the sex scenes would make for a more involved and enjoyable viewing. I think the length of it was fine, any longer with the lack of reader participation might have made us loose interest.

Definately a keeper.. and keep up the good work.

Good game but I gave you 4 stars because of the Great Wall of Text before actions. Nothing wrong with having a lot of text,but make it more interactive ;)

Always great!