Reviews for "Pikachu on Acid 2"

Ah man, I really wished i could alter my vote from 4 to 5, 'cause that was the good stuff right there, and in terms of a quote from a video i watched a year or so ago, "Good sh*t, good sh*t, that some good sh*t right there!" - Papyrus, around 2016 (or so).

Art and animation were spot on. The best i've seen for a while. Would love to see what you guys come-up with next.

Duuude this is so cool, really. Plzzz make part 3 <3 i really like your work, hope you keep doing awesome animations xD

I forgot I wasn't high when the video ended. Good shit!

SO TRIPPY. The animation was awesome, and I liked the art.

The animation and artistic quality of this is outstanding.
I haven't seen something like this in so long.