Reviews for "Pikachu on Acid 2"

Not much to say. The quality is great. Voice acting is good. Animation is good. Pacing is good. Bout the only other thing I can think of is, this is why you don't let your pikachu eat the wild mushrooms.

I'm waiting for the final conclusion.

I'm sorry I ever doubted this Pokèmon parody

I usually cant stand half assed Pokemon parodies but this ome was different. It had some of the trippiest animation I've seen in a long time it felt fresh honestly

Its not the greatest movie ever but damn this was good enough for me to pass

that was totally amazing, when you made that sequel and i watched seeing a reference along with another offer like "crack"... it didn't subside it was hilarious. the fact that ash cares about pikachu unaware of the wild visions pikachu is having with acid is quite a interesting sight to see.
10/10 Very Brilliant.

Ha, nice the matrix ref, solid animation.