Reviews for "Aground"

This was a pretty fun and elaborate game that I enjoyed for a bit. I usually don't have much fun with these types of games, but I was more impressed than anything else

Great job!

I played it months ago, I gave a 5 back there thinking it was a "nice short game", didn't realized it was just an small portion and the beginning of something truly great, I was a bit sad I didn't saved my game back then, but enjoyed playing from the start again and getting the magical and technological ending, I hope I will get my financial situation back on the trails on time to show support to games like these on kickstarter, for now, I will just recommend this game to my friends

Just a small thing that I think it's an bug, some bosses or creatures the familiars just ignore. in fact almost all bosses except the old one were ignored by my pets (and the old one was the only boss it was better for my pet to stay behind) . the gun guys on the desert and gold golens also looks like they must be invisble to my familiars while my character cried cowering behind his shield waiting for his loyal companion to do anything

Other than that I don't remember anything that was wrong enough for me to notice

davidmaletz responds:

The familiars won't attack anyone they aren't strong enough to hurt (otherwise they just waste feed for a "Blocked!"), so that's most of the bosses.

I've been playing the game for about 9-10 hours now. This game seems fantastic. Despite the fact it seems very linear, I've in fact discovered I have a lot of options on what to do, and constantly enjoy finding hidden things in the game like the warp caves. I've enjoyed everything from fighting the first dragon, and discovering new towns, to building my town and exploring the unknown. Very well done!

This is definitely one of the best games I've played on this site. Graphics are cute, and the music is very nice.

el juege es bueno pero tiene muchos errores,tuve que comenzar de nuevo,cuando pedi un bote nuevo y cuando le acepte no me lo dieron ademas de perder los objetos y tambien perdi los objeto cuando me monte en el dragon los guarde en el dragon y llegue a la isla no tenia nada. esto de verdad molesta, si pudiera arreglar este tipo de errores seria de agrado.