Reviews for "Aground"

Great game just finished the demo story and about to go and explore keep doing what your doings

Can you guys add the other achievements from the game? thanks. 5/5 stars btw this is one of my favorite games.

really fun game imma check it out on steam!

This game is quite fun and enjoyable! It reminds me of Terraria!

I love this game but i does not save my file when I am playing here. It also does not udate my achievements. I have beaten the scientific path though. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. I can't wait to see and experience the game when it finally comes out.

davidmaletz responds:

That usually has to do with your browser settings (the game relies on browser local storage for saves - so if you are playing incognito, change browsers or clear browser history, all your saves are gone). You can export saves by going to options on the title page to manually keep track of them, or create an Aground Cloud account to sync your saves across versions/browsers.