Reviews for "Aground"

I love this game so much.
I just,,,
Sometimes it gets a bit agitating when your sprite goes further than you want them to (like, when they continue moving after you take your finger off the arrow key), but like still this is so great and it might just be a computer error rather than something that is at fault of the game lol
Good job creating this!!!
It's amazing so far, and I'm sure you can only make it better!

A game you should be paying for!

EDIT: you actually buy the game

Help my save disappeared, how can i retrieve it ty

davidmaletz responds:

Saves are in the local browser storage unless you exported the save or used Aground Cloud. This means you must play on the same computer in the same browser as before. If you cleared browser history or were using incognito, then the saves are gone for good, but you can ask someone for a save at a similar point in the game.

Hey, I had quite a lot of progress on my aground account, but I seem to have forgotten my password and username, is there anyway to recover them?

davidmaletz responds:

Sure, if you remember what e-mail you used, there's a reset password link on the page you created your account: http://fancyfishgames.com/Aground/CreateAccount.php?forgot=pass . Let me know if that works!