Reviews for "Erotic Visual Novel: Stranded(Gay, M/M, bara)"

Dialouge moves too slowly and you can't skip it. Story is bad. Generic sad endings in a gay themed movie/story.

jyagger responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Fuck, this game deserves a much better rating than what it got (ah the salty straights who cant read tags). I love it so much. As a bi man I was already pretty thrilled to play an erotic game that wasn't full of straight sex to begin with, but when I started playing it...oh boy. The story is so beautiful and dark, and I fell in love with their relationship. I was so happy to see it develop and the plot twist shattered my heart. I still haven't recovered from it.

Honestly thank you for such a beautiful game, and I'm so happy that you chose to make it gay, and I'm looking forward to play more of your games! I read in the comments that you're making a part 2, may I ask if Michael is still the protagonist? Or will it be the same setting but completly different characters?

jyagger responds:

There will be a part 2 very soon. It's the same main character and will pick off where the first left off. Thank you for playing!

This game is fucking amazing xD !! Great argument, it sounds great and the scenes are very hot, I enjoy it ...
If there were only more scenes,
I restarted the game and chose different options, but apparently the pattern of the scene is linear ... but it does not matter, this game is very good. A galleria option would also be good to know if I have unlocked all the scenes, although I re-play it many times I doubt I missed a scene xD

jyagger responds:

Thanks. Part 2 will release next month with even more scenes and characters!

First time I played this it was awesome, but now all the text is in Wingdings for some reason

It was a good g... good? the fuck? it was an amazing game!!!, something you could spend your time on it and don't get bored at all!.

I loved everything bout it, the characters, the dark side of this incredible story and... oh man... the plot twist!

Do you ever considered in doing a 2nd part? i´d like to play it! really!

I can't understand why there are some dumbass people who get in a bad mood when they find something they don't like,

Maybe am new in this, but you have my support, all of it. Thank you very much for giving to us the chance to see your excellent work!

jyagger responds:

Thank you so much! It means a lot! I am working on a second part, there is a short, very rough demo on my page.