Reviews for "Erotic Visual Novel: Stranded(Gay, M/M, bara)"

i'm a heterosexual and what is this?

i wanted straight fucks so much but its all gay.

First and foremost i am a straight man i clicked on this game by accident. But i was pulled in by the story. If you ever started working on straight porn i'd probably support you on patreon.

the last part is quite heart broken. But everything is good actually. i really hope to see more of it. there will be part 2 right?
keep up a good work!

jyagger responds:

...maybe. If there is enough interest.

for someone like me (bisexual) was not bad, certainly the plot is good but there were parts that I did not understand, I would have liked more a little decision and if I could, a girl, a little more action, but apart from that the game is good (and SOUND)

do not qualify this because it is for gey / bisexual people to qualify it for its content