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Reviews for "Toll of the Lost 1"

This looks like it's gonna be a very fun series.

And what a cast too. It's amazing how you got Xander Mobus and Chris Niosi among the other great talents. Can't wait for part 2!

Absolutely fantastic! Loved the characterisation, the voice acting, the art style *and* how well the animation worked *with* the art style too. Will definitely be keeping my eye out for more episodes! Keep up the great work!

Obvious Doctor Who reference, possibly references, but so far it does seem very interesting and overall creative. Hopefully though you won't have Valdoros be too comparable to the Doctor and it was perhaps just that one truly notable reference when introducing himself. The animation is well done, if perhaps more simple though that my simply be teh art style.

Xiphon responds:

I'm a big fan of Dr Who, but I acknowledge it as a guilty pleasure most of the time nowadays. I like some of the fundamental stuff in the show, particularly the classics, but it's gone a little off the rails these days.

The part where Valdoros introduces himself is a reference, but it's directly a parody of how highly the doctor thinks of himself, and how the writers of the show portray him to be the most amazing, most important person in the universe and everyone just goes along with it. Here, he tries to build up this impression of himself, but is immediately mocked for it without having the means to back it up.
Simultaneously, it's a pretty notable moment from David Tennant era Dr Who, and tends to be a fan favorite so everyone recognizes it.

Rest assured, I tend to think there's a lot of flaws with that show, and I'm pretty consciously trying to avoid them, despite any similarities.

Bravo!!!! This is brilliantly executed in all aspects of production, visual, audio, storytelling and dialogue. Kudos to the cast and composer, too. Often there are decent productions that come up short in an area or two, but not this one. (Being persnickety about music, I greatly appreciate the score, which is a throwback to the classic adventure scores of John Williams, showing off a broad orchestral pallet and harmonic range, while too many other composers, these days, never venture beyond the home key.)

I look forward to seeing the next episode(s) and hope someday I can be a guest voice in one (or more) of them. Keep up the great work!

Xiphon responds:

I think there's definitely aspects of the work here that could use improvement, in some cases a lot of improvement, (I could fill a book with them to be honest). However, audio quality and performance is a thing that I feel is often overlooked in Internet based entertainment. Most people don't really take a lot of time and care to record in good recording spaces or practices, and it's just sort of accepted that way.

I remember doing a lot of voices for my own work long ago, and people complained about it. It's what pushed me to seek out help from real voice actors and the change in quality at the time was night and day. Just having a performance that made you feel something, was a concept I hadn't even considered, and ever since I've looked at the audio side of a production as it's own art form. Toll of the Lost certainly pushed my understanding of it even further.

On the matter of the score, there's not a lot I can personally say. It was mostly handled by Pierce, who I touched base with very frequently. He's a big fan of John Williams, but music production goes over my head. Outside of me wanting the show to have it's own identity and offering input on how I want scenes to feel, properly telling a story with music is something rather abstract to me. I know some of the technical basics, certainly enough to direct this, but I could never score something myself.

I'm speechless