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Reviews for "Toll of the Lost 1"

OMG amazing movie... you animation is profesional.

This is just amazing. I would love to see it as a movie in the cinema one day. If there's a movie that would deserve it it would be this one, not the freaking emoji movie. Great job dood, it is the best video I've seen on Newgrounds so far.

Xiphon responds:

Well, as someone who's frequented Newgrounds since like, 2004, I'm not sure if it's the best thing on Newgrounds EVER, but I'll take the compliment!

Also, I'd love to write for cinema, but the studio system is kind of an awful mess in my opinion. I'm pretty happy making stuff online for now!

Ep 2 PLZ!?

Xiphon responds:

It'll come in time! I'll be starting production in the next few weeks and live streaming it on my youtube channel at least

i remember seeing you working on this i think it was on twitch or mixer anyway great work man i love this ep how long until ep2 ??

Xiphon responds:

Yeah I stream the progress on Twitch at Twitch.tv/TheCaseymobile (i duo-stream to youtube). I'd be streaming Ep2 work right now but it's all writing and stuff. It shouldn't take nearly as long as ep1 to finish though, we have a few things that we don't need to worry about this time around plus everything is well more organized. (A lot of the music, for example, won't need to be as heavily conceptualized, I have a much more robust SFX library now, characters are already drawn, and I had started the writing ages ago. The script has already been through a few drafts)

I should be streaming again as soon as I get into the storyboard phase

her axe should've been in dark souls, it would've been sick!!! anyway great work and icant wait what happens next :)