Reviews for "German Tram Simulator"

ironically funny

Another fantastic joke game, this time an easy yet relaxing tram simulator that can be completed in about half a minute. The song is nice though, what is the name of it? Graphics remind me of Desert Bus.

I find it hard to hate this game.

I've mustered up the strength, though.

Every once in awhile you get masterpieces that rock the flash community.
This isn't one of them.
Still, I want it to be a part of this website forever.

That's really one of the worst thing i've ever seen here.
A clickbait thumbnail
Awfully pixelated graphics
Perfect sounds to make ears bleeding
Looping music that turn everybody into pshychopath
Nothing to do do else than continuously pressing Z

Even not deserve half of a star, i just regret there is no negative stars here.