Reviews for "German Tram Simulator"

Sure, it's everything the starting pages claims it is. I can't say this game is one of quality as there isn't really any real content. All you do is the same thing for 10 seconds. I'm not entertained by the game itself, but I'll give .5 stars for the advertising, which is funny and silly. HD Graphics! 16mph Top Speeds! I won't hate on your game, I just don't see much content. Maybe if it were longer and harder, it may be better. .5/5

It's much to pixelated to feel like a believable simulation, and the acceleration/deceleration mechanics could use some work.

The horn was cool though.

voting 5 stars for future trolling


I love this game, This will be my new addiction instead of MGSV.

Also, what is the music?

yurgenburgen responds:

Chugga Chugga by Joby Harte