Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)"

Love this game, it's awesome. However, I feel that there should be an added bonus for finishing all the sticker collections, and maybe the extra stickers you get after that could be sold.


Nice to see this is going nicely not that many bugs this time but i did find a few:

1. i am just before the fight with gary at lvl 52 and the cubone girl is disspelled. just in case this is useful
2. I have finished the evi echo mission but the initial scene shows Michelle
3. I got the disspell effect and saving text for a shiny joy in Michelles room but Joy didnt appear in the shop. Was that intentional?

Can someone respond and tell me how to beat the pikachu area? Or at least how to catch cosplayers/break the spell/whatever? Great game but I'm stuck because I'm not certain how the mechanic works.

i believe this game is very good. i like how they used the duplicates of this games version of a loot crate system! i don't the repetitive gameplay because it is still rewarding to really feel stronger. But since this game is made up of having to level up a lot and finding enemies in grass. i believe that the chances of finding in enemy in grass are too low. i will go or a little bit between finding enemies but it should take lees time. Or maybe make an item to increase the chance of finding enemies