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Reviews for "Hyperskill"

Frustratingly fun. Can't wait for the full version.

I like the game, fun concept and retro design.
You even pitched in the scenario part. So we won't just run around randomly blowing things up.

The only qualm I got with it, are those passages between zones.
I don't know..perhaps others love them this way..easily accessible and so on.

But I find it to be frustrating rather in bad way, when you are working through a tedious room, and have to hug walls to avoid swarm of dots, just to accidentally brush against portal and leave the place. Obviously re-setting whole work.

Over and over again.

Past that, rather nice experience.

RaveryNet responds:

Good point. It happened to me a few times, but I've learned to avoid this problem after I've spent ~100 hours of level testing and forgot about it. I'll add an option in the next version: Press E to talk with NPCs (on/off), Press E to use Gates (on/off)

So while wandering around this overly hard game where most rooms are impossible, I ended up in a situation where I was stuck between two rooms: one with one of those 8 second count down timers and then to that room's SW, a room with a rotating one-hit-kill laser.

I was never able to escape those rooms lol. It was basically a permanent trap.

Good job.

RaveryNet responds:

Thanks for the clue. I will add a "Teleport to Delirium" option in the next version.

This games pissed me off so f***ing much and then IT WAS JUST A TRIAL VERSION



Where do I buy it

RaveryNet responds:

Good. Good! Let the hate flow through you. Welcome to the dark side.
(An extended version of the free version will come around next week end. Featuring more levels, a boss and a bit of an ending for this part of the game. The full version will come in about a month or two)

Really enjoyed the game, was challenging but fun. I did like how not every solution had to deal with blasting away at everything and just surviving strategically and taking your shots where you could.

But is the free version impossible to beat? I'm to the point where Old Man tells me to go northwest to get the Hyperlight, but it leads to a screen telling me to buy the full version (which I understand trying to get people to buy the full version, nothing wrong with that especially with how long the game must've taken to make). But there's only one countdown room left that I can access which seems impossible with my current upgrades and every other upgrade I could find has been obtained. The only other rooms left to go are the two Buy the Full Version rooms or are blocked off by orange beams.

So either I'm not seeing the solution to the final countdown room I can access (the one that immediately blasts four or five towers worth of bullets at you that hunt you down faster than you can move), or this version just has no way to actually complete the game.

RaveryNet responds:

The free version will have a few more levels and a boss, but the balancing was off and I wanted to get earlier feedback, so I decided to exclude them for now. I'll update this version next weekend, giving the free version a more proper ending. (If you are interested. A bit is shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqOfi6DdGKQ )
The full version will feature even more levels, abilities, bosses and story.