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Reviews for "Hyperskill"

Story mode dont let me pass 2 rooms with info..
challenge mode is suicide no way to kill them

RaveryNet responds:

In the challenge mode you can upgrade your weapons by moving the mouse over the skill, then click on the upgrade you want. A good upgrade for the level 1 challenge is: 2 points in movement, 2 points in bullet damage, 2 in bullet range, 2 in bullet speed and 2 in auto-fire speed.
The upgrade menu should open automatically as soon as you select the level. You can open the menu by itself by pressing "q".
I hope you give it another try. Have fun! :-)

Could you specify why/when the story mode does not let you progress?


EDIT: I know what happened: You need to put at least one point in your autogun's firerate or else it won't fire. Same goes for the other skills.

Honestly, the game seems to rely less on skill as you progress and I'm not just talking about the upgrades. You even state in the description that if a level is too hard, then get more upgrades to make it easier, but during my time playing, I never reached a point where I beat a level feeling a sense of accomplishment: it was either too easy or too hard to where I needed more luck than anything else. I will explain in points:
- Sometimes, there are just too many bullets on screen and this honestly seems more like a cheap attempt at difficulty (of course adding more things that can kill you onscreen will make the game tougher. Trying to make a hard game that doesn't follow this trend is tough, but it isn't impossible). There are so many and they are moving too fast to the point where you are overwhelmed within seconds (I'm referring specifically to the count down challenge that has two doors leading into it). If they are moving faster than you, there are fifty of them and you can only take five hits, then what are the options for the player (you can only teleport two times, basic evasion is useless, and your bullets may only kill 3 of them before you are overwhelmed)? Instead of increasing the number of bullets, organize the level to create a sense of difficulty, such as making fewer enemies, but make them harder to kill or make the spawn points harder to reach (you did this in one room where you needed to destroy the inner most spawn points before being able to take a crack at the outer ones.
- The speed of the bullets changes for the SAME towers as you move forward. The first thing you do when you enter a room is see what kind of towers they have. A player might say "oh, these towers. Their bullets are slow, but there are a lot of them." only to find that the bullets are moving faster than the previous ones. Why not create brand new enemies with different insignias to identify the faster moving enemies or, a better idea, have a device that encompasses an area where a spawn point in its area of affect gets its bullets speeded up. Destroying the device slows the bullets. This gives players a sense of strategy and choice "should I go after the speed devices or focus on the more powerful spawn points?"
- I don't think the towers provide any indication of when they will release an enemy. This is a big deal because there's already enough going on onscreen that a player can't be counting down the time until the spawning takes place. They might be standing right next to one shooting it when an enemy releases one and boom, they're dead. Perhaps add a pulse indicator, where a small circle increasing in size can be seen in the spawn points and once it reaches the outer edges, an enemy appears.
- Options are very limited. You have four options when taking on the enemy: shoot, evade, release the blast attack, or dash. Yes, you can mix these, but two of them need to recharge and there is only so much you can do with them so for most of the game, you are moving and shooting. even worse, the area is so small that some bullets are impossible to evade, meaning you are meant to take damage during the game. From the menu, it is apparent that you will add more upgrades, but you should do more with what you have, like make it so the blast attack can be further charged up to release more damage, have the auto-bullet bounce off the outer walls, have the dash ability allow you to destroy objects you pass over (more strategy with players trying to evade while also lining up the dash with an enemy. Yes, I know that this is included already, but the affects are minimal). Other suggests for powers: a weapon that will take all the bullets in a specific area, pull them into the center and explode them, taking out whatever was in the center and getting rid of the bullets (needs to charge), shield that when activated reflect bullets and lasers for a short time, but does not defend against tougher enemies.

There are also other suggestions I have for the game:
- There is a bug where you can end up on the outside of the level (I'm guessing this might happen if you are moving in the direction of the door moments before death or something. I'm not sure). It has happened to me at least three times.
- The warning for the laser ray needs to be bigger. Also, it is one of the most annoying parts of the game because it is the only thing that a reset will not reset. Sure, it makes each attempt less the same, but it could also hit you just as you restart the level, making you have to restart the level again.
- Make it so you can only talk to NPC when pressing a certain button because running into them during battle and having it paused like that is annoying and throws you off.
- Going off of the previous comment, please make it so you can go through the dialogue faster.
- How much the shield protects you is unclear and how much damage each enemy does is also unclear because there is no time to be keeping a close eye on the health bar when you're in battle (also, with the enemies jumbled together, how could you determine who hit you first?) Have an info section that explains how much damage an enemy does. This can help with strategy because then a player can say "I'm moving left to get hit by this enemy to dodge the other because the other would cause more damage".
- I like the art style and the story a lot. The character portraits are also cool.
- For the shockwave, have the misty circle that surrounds the player be more apparent when the player still has the shields (it pretty tough to see when the player still has shields).
- There's no indicator on the range of the dash and I don't know what you could use as an indicator, but is this pretty important.

Please excuse my temper in this post as I wrote it after having tried the 8 count room with the twin lasers. I'd gotten close a few times and then failed, usually because of that stupid laser. I wish you luck in your game endeavors.

RaveryNet responds:

Thanks for this very elaborate review. You have mentioned many good points.

- The bases spawn enemies as soon as they are touched by the spawn line. (It's the purple line, which moves upward)
Knowing when those bases will spawn enemies can be very important in thinking of a strategy to clear the level. e.g. In one of the north-east levels you can destroy a spartan base (enemies with shield) by using dash twice in a row and ramming the spartan base, which reduces the difficulty of the level immensely. The order in which you destroy the bases is very important and will turn an insane enemy-filled bullet-hell into a more reasonable challenge.
I think Ash should teach the spawn line mechanic in the beginning.

- Different speed of enemies. The levels have different difficulty levels. I should display the difficulty as it changes the speed, behavior and hitpoints of the enemies.

- The countdown level with two entrances: Maybe I shouldn't have added this level in this version. It is indeed very difficult, when you do not have e.g. the Lightray or higher movement speed. It can be done, but it is indeed frustrating.

"have the dash ability allow you to destroy objects you pass over (more strategy with players trying to evade while also lining up the dash with an enemy. Yes, I know that this is included already, but the affects are minimal)."
In the story mode you don't get the benefits of the dash damage yet, but in the challenge mode you can upgrade your beam damage and kill most enemies with one or two dashes. The challenge and story mode will feature a lot more abilities and upgrades, but I have to do more balancing before I can release them. (If you are interested, you can see some upcoming levels and abilities in a gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqOfi6DdGKQ )

- Out of the level bug: Thanks! I'll code a fix in the next version.
- Regarding the shockwave indicator: I have to think about a good solution. Right now one can hear a sound, when the shockwave is ready, you get the glow and there is an icon on the right hand side of the screen.
- NPC talk button: Yes. I agree. A button, at least in the battle levels, is a good way to go.
- Faster NPC dialogue button / skip dialogue button: Yep, will come.
- Enemy and damage information screen: Yes. Planned and will come soon.
- Indicator dash: I'll add some subtle line, which indicates the max distance.

Regarding "too easy or to hard": I wanted to have some non-linearity, but maybe I should reduce it instead. It can decrease the challenge too much, when levels are done in a strange order. If the levels are too easy, the player won't get the necessary muscle memory to complete the later levels, which is frustrating. I need to think about this.

The restart bug regarding those light rays (warning indicator) is actually a feature, which will become more relevant later on: Some objects are "outside" of Persephone's control and are not affected by the restart ability she grants you. This will be part of puzzle rooms in a later version of the game and will allow a bit of sequence breaking.

"auto-bullet bounce off the outer walls" - Won't happen, sadly. I'd have to add more collision detection, which would be to computationally intensive for slower CPUs.
"blast attack can be further charged up to release more damage" - Good idea. I'll look into that.

Very constructive criticism. Kudos!

I feel love-hate towards this game. Art style is cool but for most part I feel like the game is beating the shit out of me without giving me a slight chance of winning. It's not because it's difficult but because it's absurd. I could shoot at enemy and they wouldn't die. Plot got me kinda hooked to be honest.

You can't return to main room from main menu. This is a major flaw as you can to the point when you can't return! Had to start again beacuse of it!

Try to mark the end of demo more strongly as I wasn't sure if I should be searching for more or accept the room I got to as the end. I really disliked that enemies could go through walls. Really disliked the fact that getting ALL upgrades is pretty much obligatory -> there is no chance to win without getting every one available before challenging next room. After playing this game I feel anger instead of excitment.

RaveryNet responds:

"Go to main room"
A good idea. I should implement this. The level design was intentionally "hard to go forward and easier to go back to Delirium", giving the player a sense of empowerment, but now I've realized that a player can move himself into a very difficult spot, if they solve the levels out of order.

"Enemies don't die"
There is an enemy type, which has a shield (the Spartans). Their shields have a bunch of healthpoints, but you can easily kill them when you shoot from the back.

Regarding the difficulty: Most levels have some sort of "easier way". For example the last level in the south-west section gets less difficult, if you just ram the Quadro base (the purple enemy, which divides into four) __AND__ the Spartan base (enemies with shield), with your body before the spawn line triggers them. You loose health, sure, but you have fewer strong enemies to deal with.

Some upgrades might be less obvious: Old Man gives you two layers of shield (one in the beginning and one when you get the Dash skill) and there is a Health Upgrade in the north of Deilirium.

With some upgrades and very good reflexes most levels become "easy" on normal difficulty, if you find the good strategy. If you struggled with the Hard Mode, then it is intentional. It is supposed to be a very hard challenge even for good players.

"Enemies go through wall"
It is part of the theme. Persephone has created the walls inside the level to make _your_ life difficult, not her own.

wow, just WOW. Excellent game. Very addictive. I have been playing for about 15 minutes now and haven't found anything to point out.
Great job!

RaveryNet responds:


This game is incredible! All the effectsd and colors are really mesmerizing and I also love the fact that the characters talk with emojis and more friendly, it just makes them seem more alive.
Excellent job! Adding medals and multiplayer in this would be sick! xD

RaveryNet responds:

I can't add multiplayer to this version game (this would need a bunch of changes in the code), but it might be possible for a sequel. I'm not sure what would be the best. 1vs1? Co-op?

Medals: Medals will come. I need to finish a few levels and new skills first.