Reviews for "BROBOT (Episode 1)"

Only one word to describe this cartoon, but I fear it may mess with time itself. But hell, it may be worth it.


Amazing work. Thank you again.

tylerghardin responds:

hahaha yessssss. no other comments needed!

Great job on man!

tylerghardin responds:

thanks a lot!

The best cartoon i have seen on here in quite a while, keep em coming :D I think this could have potential to be a show that is aired on Adult swim or so.. Well, at least I think that. I would watch it!

all things aside, awesome animation and humor :)

tylerghardin responds:

hey thank you so much!! :)


tylerghardin responds:

bruh... thanks for the 5's! :)

reminds me of community. Also nice to hear a few "Dawg"s and "Nice"s here and there.