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Reviews for "Vikings Village: Party Hard"

If this game was added to iogames.space i'm sure it would be reaaaaaaaly popular

This is just great, really adictive, im gonna keep playing this until i become top of the leaderboard, keep the good work!

V-Team responds:

We will release updates continually every 1/2 weeks until the game is PERFECT !!

Thank you for playing!!


Really loved the game. fast easy mechanics, but so much fun!

3k points up, 6th place, game froze now not even in the leaderboard

V-Team responds:

The game engine saves your progress during "disconnect"

When system errors (server) the data was not saved.

All I can say is:

GOMENASAI We will fix this!

In about an hour I'll make an update to periodically save progress

EDIT: Done, now you will be pleased Donkichote Doflamingo!