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Reviews for "Vikings Village: Party Hard"

I just can't move, Or do anything. Is the server working?

V-Team responds:

We are doing an update! Sorry for that, we will be back within minutes!

EDIT: And we're up!

EDIT: One minor bugfix coming right up dont panic!

EDIT: Done.

Can't type much.
Wrist hurts.
Good game.
Connection lags sometimes.

V-Team responds:

Haha nice score dude!

Also, we're rewriting the engine currently so it should work smoother with more players within the next few days there will be update!

EDIT: Done, how are the lags now? Better?

You win Warlock. GG!

punch on all ya out on the water front ill knock all ya out

MOSH PIT!!!!!1111oneone

This is fun. I wonder if all players are actuall players or AI. Some rules to droping the helaing potion would be helpful. I felt that skills were pretty much useless - didn't know how to utilize them.

Barrels are key to victory.