Reviews for "Hex Blocks Puzzle"

I already said it to the author, but now, I'm saying it publicly.

I love puzzle games. There are some minor blah blahs, but the author knows, and he (or she) will fix it soon. Don't worry.

The reason why I write this review is, because I achieved the impossible - I've beaten 300 of the big board levels. I've earned that medal. I'm no longer a human being. The point is, I hope that the requirement for that medal will not change. This medal is reserved for people who are dedicated to puzzles. Remove infidels, puzzle war now.

Jokes aside, very good game, much much better than previous ones, and I'm always happy when independent developers finally make it. More indie devs = better games = happiness = peace in the world = Utopia. Keep it in mind, reviewers. Simple game, but it's gonna be a hit.

suntemple responds:

Thx for the inspiring words man!

Cool sounds and very nice animation!

this is actually fun for me ,nice and simple

Good one sir! The ads are blank for me...

suntemple responds:

Thx, ads are not yet approved by Newgrounds. I disabled them for now.