Reviews for "Hex Blocks Puzzle"

That's a pretty good puzzle game, it's both simple and hard to play, and it's also can be either relaxing or challenging depending of your choice of the level's Difficulty.

Great puzzles! Only change I would make is to make that hint popup go away after a bit, or give players the option to close it.

Nothing special here, but the game has a lot of polish, good puzzle game if you are into that sort of thing.

a smart game for smart people :) love it!

I was actually really impressed by how harder it got! It just seemed too easy at first. The medium board just struck me immediately! Thanks for the hints. I guess I'm not a big fan of puzzle games. They're usually too hard.

I guess I'm just dumb that way. The music was nice and graceful. While not that well detailed, it still worked fine. Congratulations on your Daily Feature! The medals are probably what's made it popular.