Reviews for "levelone"

Surprisingly fun and very original! I really hoped there would be a second level anyway.

It also worked on Chrome for me by the way, no lag whatsoever

dietzribi responds:

Thanks! Good to know. Might be my crappy laptop

This is pretty good and quite original. Great job!

Great job!

It´s a very interesting concept. I like it.

The more I played it the more I enjoyed it. The jokes didn't really worked for me. Leave link to your LudumDare entry so I could rate there.

Works fine on FF, no lags.

Ps. Fun of Attack of titan?

dietzribi responds:

Thanks, edited the description!
And I didn't mean for it to look like AOT, but the thing looked familiar and I couldn't understand from where I stole it, until a few hours into development, lol

how do i kill the monster, but game is good. it shows that we are not alone

dietzribi responds:

What monster?
Bull: jump over him until his health go to 0
The rest you just shoot to death.