Reviews for "levelone"

'I can write code with my feet" I'm sure you can, dude!

Nice job, very atmospheric!

(the number of people who do not understand the ending and compaing about the game being "unfinished" is so sad, I think I'm gonna get drunk and cry in a corner. What happened to your brains people?? )

pls post lvl 2

This guy sure has some problems programming, the first time I played this the PC didn't respond to any input because I started walking before the game said I could, lol.
Still, it was good and pretty forgiving too, what with allowing me to respawn as many times as I wanted in the last fight (I'm drunk, it's christmas, what gives?).
Loved the reference to the no man's sky fiasco, merry christmas, and we're done here :D


Hey guys, the game is complete. It's not supposed to have a level two ...

dietzribi responds:

This guy gets it