Reviews for "Benny Online"

Honestly from the art style and name I was expecting another crappy game I would have to put a bad rating on but that's not the case here! this is a pretty addicting game. Simple but good I like the hype music and the hazards. There's a slight glitch when Benny spazz out while he is standing on a platform. Other than that The design actually fit the game I like the art the more I play. The game play make you appreciate the art style way more . It goes off to show you that no matter how good/bad a game look that doesn't mean it will play well. The music is realllllly good I can't stop thinking about it. If you could can you put 2 other tracks to switch up with randomly during your play through?

So this is kind of like Doodle Jump, but with more to do and honestly, more fun. The combination of platforming and fighting an aireal foe also gave me Kid Icarus for the NES flashbacks, which I liked. Thanks for the feels!

Playable not great but a nice time killer not anything worth praising though.

I would say its a pretty decent game.

You guys have the makings of a good team if you work together more.

I'm suprised by how much fun I had for how simple it is.

This was a pretty interesting game. I guess it was as good as most of your other games. This was still unique with how fast paced it was. Well, you weren't forced to be like that. I like the idea of killing produce. It wasn't hard to figure out how you got the medals.

You guys are like that. It brought out some nice childhood innocence from me. It does seem like something a little kid would play. I like the idea of throwing up hammers that you acquired. It was pretty interesting.