Reviews for "Benny Online"

Words can not express how much fun I had playing this game. Everything about it is great, from how adorable the main character is, to simple yet interesting premise, just how fun and satisfying the game is to play. The music was great, and I never tired of hearing it despite listening to it over and over again. Spreading the hearts over longer gaps was a good way of ramping up the difficult as you go along. My only complaint, is that maybe the bosses should have had their own attack pattern, but that's pretty much it. The platforming feels great, and hitting the bosses with the hammers always feels satisfying. The game felt challenging, without ever being too difficult. In fact, I don't think it would have hurt to have the game be a bit longer, and become a bit more challenging. I guess adding the scoring system was a way of adding a little more challenge, you know, coming back to beat your previous high score, which I for one most certainly will be. This game is addicting enough to keep coming back to.

Amazing! <3

Game freezes after you kill first boss. :(

The game freezes after beating first boss. I try 3 times and the result are all the same

Kind of hard but sooo addictive!