Reviews for "Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure"

Great job as usual.

Okay for a five minute game.

I like Point and Click kind of games,and i think this might have a good rating.The thing i don't like about this is the art style and stuff. I guess it's just not my type.

Not bad at all. It's a bit short, and the voice acting's kinda silly, but it works for the game, and it's a very servicable point and click game, that i think it deserves to stay.

Even shorter and easier then usual most Carmel games, my usual time is 12-15 minutes, this was 8 minutes.

The storekeeper should really have reacted to explosion on 2nd floor and the protagonist should have taken more gold from that mine. Btw a wagon of gold just hanging around - that is more then a few countries reserves of gold.

Very rushed adventure game.