Reviews for "Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure"

Simply awesome as always

I've always thoroughly enjoyed your games! Click games like this are simply the best, kinda reminds me of freddie fish hehe

I love the voice acting btw!

This was pretty good but judging from the title, I was expecting a ghost town, not a gas station, a gorge, and a mine. Nonetheless, you did a great job here and I enjoyed playing this.

Super game my friend. A little on the easy side but that made it fun, although I did have to stop and gather more clues at one point. I loved the art and characters even though there were only two. Voice acting was kinda amature sounding at best. Overall, I loved it!

also, a hint for anomynus, the answer is in the billboard.

The two-digit locker has a jester hat printed on it. Note the picture of the two jesters behind the shopkeeper. The rest is easy to figure out from there...