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Reviews for "BPTV PILOT"

So here we are BPTV! 2 years in the making was it worth the hype?

I'd say yes. While I don't think it's an outrageous laugh fest there's something about your work I like. I think its the fact you put a lot of effort into this and you seem proud of your work and I like that. And I do find most of your work entertaining to sit through (Except when it's a shitty autotune thing. I really hope that guy is paying you good money for this shit) This I can def say is so far your magnum opus beating out Stu Boy and Piv Boy by far. Knowing that series had a troubled history I'm glad you made something bigger and better.

Now the only complaint though after two years of waiting is That WE STILL DONT KNOW WHAT BPTV STANDS FOR! WHAT! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME HANGING MAN! Big Penis TV seems to be the most Popular theory but there's also Butt Plug To Virgins, Well you know what how about we call it Big Penis Television.

Oh and the cast of this is bigger than I thought. Seriouslylike I had no idea this many people were involved ALSO YESSS ANOTHER MOVIE WITH ME IN THE CREDITS

Well thats my thoughts on the whole thing. I hope we can get the next episode out sooner!

Oh and P.S. one of these days can you make some animations of your naked self and your comically sized penis doing stuff because thats my favorite

ThePivotsXXD responds:

I can absolutely do that for you <3

What an excellent setup! Can't wait to see more. Top notch job, guys.

There's so much that I like about this pilot, it's cool how you wanted to do as much as you can with this. Bringing in a number of people to write and provide voices, the graininess of the backgrounds, the car scene where it pays tribute to old films and shows. It has a nice 90's vibe to old comedy cartoons like The Critic and Simpsons through it's humor. If anything there could have been a little more time to get to know Berry but that's just nitpicking on my side. But seriously you did a really good with this, congrats!

If you die this is what you'll be remembered for, it's really good man.

This is the most incredible pilot I've ever seen!