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Reviews for "BPTV PILOT"

Great animation, kept me laughing, and an interesting premise. That guy OWNS the station now? Come on, this can only get better from here.
I'm interested to check out the original you made a while back, and I'm eager to see more in the future! Well done. :D

This whole cartoon was average at best everything about it. Nothing was great and nothing was bad it was just ok. Freezepark and cool printer pretty much got it dead on in their reviews. This cartoons is hell of a lot better than Stu & Piv but it's still nothing special and I know humour is subjective and all but the only joke I laughed at in this cartoon is the one poking fun at the character design.

This is amazing! Really funny, I love the concept, the characters are great, animations really solid, designs are awesome, everything about this is fantastic! I can't wait to see where it goes!

really cool i like the animation and art style

Turned out great! Always improving fam. The little references in there were pretty cute too <3