Reviews for "WHATS A GEM LICKER?"

I must say I really liked this one! Although other people fault the animation for things such as lip sync and tweening, I think that it is perfectly acceptable. Considering that I believe the whole point of these animations is for the jokes instead of the animation, although quite good, it is silly to give a low score simply for that.

Considering that there are some animations on here that are horribly done and yet get high reviews, I'd say this is deserving of 5 stars.

Funny as the others, I can't wait to see the whole season! Also, for anyone not sure, I believe her name is Kinny.

Phineas is gonna get us all killed one day.

This one was so wrong on so many levels in a very demented and hilarious manner. There was a lot of interspecies sex jokes, genocide, racism, and a fight with blood and a FATALITY. So what is a Gem Licker? The answer caught me by surprise.

Never knew Kobalds ate rocks. I am kind of surprised there was no "God damn it Phineas," moment.

Like this a lot. A nice game parody that while the animation is simple the jokes carry it nicely. Top shelf stuff here. The humor is very dark but dripping in the satirical. Next episode you MUST have Hobbits on a stick. Oh the cannibalism jokes are really hiding in this one. So do Hobbits taste like Chicken or Pork?

I am learning these characters' names. Granted, that's only because I say them. They're talking about cobalts, right? Kimmy is still the funniest character. Or is her name Kemmy? Whatever, the animation is pretty good and it's really funny.

The goofy voices are what make this. You really do get the sense that these guys are casually talking. It's serious stuff, but they do about it in fairly light terms. The characters just seem so active. Kimmy probably gets the best lines with the golems at the end.