Reviews for "WHATS A GEM LICKER?"

I still can't stop laughing at this. I'm voting this 5 stars... But I COULD be... rating this 4.5 stars because it's missing The Light.

Friggin' awesome! This is hilarious!
"But I coould be!"

kobolds are lizards in like 95% of lore the other 5% there like rat people... if shes anything she is a gnoll.

the only reason why im giving this a low rating is because this seems to follow the same formula as the other episodes, coe fights someone, Phineas says "who is coe even fighting", phineas asks a question, roman explains shit, kitty does some commentary. Just let me know if this is going to be how it is for the rest of the series so i can stop watching this now as this implores little to no investment in characters. I say this as a fan of your old stuff, this needs some more creativity.

Find these to be rather funny slice of life type things. Still find your type of kobolds to be very... odd, but xP
It's overall a funny series :P And heh, while "family jewel" is a very rarely used term for clitoris, the whole "gem licker" was kinda funny heh.

But yeah, like how sorta casual most of these are.