Reviews for "LEIGH - Animation Test"

Only 2 things I had issue with was her strange frontal face panel, and the fast i have to click the thin letters to press play and replay. Great animation, especially for just over a week, keep it up.

SuitedFox responds:

frontal face panel? and yeah thats true, ill keep that in mind for future when making text, thank you though!

put an arch in the eyebrows and make 'em thinner, as well as the same colour as her hair. still jizz worthy though.

SuitedFox responds:

oh no her hair is dyed and she purposely has thick eyebrows, might sound like an excuse but i can say in future things i do, she may return and it will be known thats just how she looks.. thank you though!

For a first animation, it's really good! The sounds aren't fucked up and I loved the story, especially the guy at the end, ahah. I want that sequel! :)
Keep it up!

you know these animation are rare to see espcially a women masterbating usually its sex or man masterbate. I do wish more animator would do these style more often.

Also episode 2 please dont leave her hanging

Nice animation.