Reviews for "LEIGH - Animation Test"


Very good, girl has some stamina.

Amazing animation

Animation is still very nice for an aspiring artist like yourself, which gets me excited for what you'll be creating in the future on how much you'll improve.

Nice choice in the music, as well. Trying watching this muted, and it's not half as good. It really helped set that mood for, "I'm alone, it's the middle of night, I'm just relaxing," kind of vibe.

Seeing how Leigh's arousal just steadily increased and intensified from what she was watching was especially nice. Then, knowing what's she fantasizing about made it even more arousing.

I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for more of your work.

Topnotch! The animation style and slight grittyness fits the mood perfectly, as does the music! And the way you put her sexual arousal in a bigger social context makes it accessable on many different levels and leaves it open for different interpretations. Porn for thought, the absolut best kind!

Beautiful work here.